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Kallitype ***** kit 100 good for appr. 30 prints 8 x 10"

This very exclusive Kallitype kit features the following advantages:

1. substantially higher concentration of silver nitrate and iron (III) oxalate. Therefore the printing process can be controlled much better and a bleaching effect during fixing is greatly minimized.
2. The kit contains 25 ml gold chloride for 1 liter of working solution. With the gold chloride the print can be toned and reaches archival stability.
3. Special additions to the fixing solution  activates  not or slightly exposed silver, thus increasing the contrast.
. Specific additions to the emulsion solution  in order to increase the sensitivity during the exposure.
By these exclusive measures the Kallitype ****** package nearly reaches  the quality of  palladium or platinum print.


Kallitype is a very simple process for making beautiful prints. It is an UV-sensitive photographic technique in which silver nitrate reacts with ferric oxalate changing the silver metal salt into metallic silver. The exposed Kallitype is than processed in a developer solution, cleared in a clearing solution, fixed in a fixing solution and finally washed in normal tab water.

       The kit contains:


  • 100 ml Emulsion
  •  250 ml developer concentrate for 2,0liters of working solution
  • 500 ml sodium thiosulfate solution for 5 liters of  working solution
  •   20 grams dry Gelatine 
  •   10grams dry acetic acid                   
  • 500 ml Acetic Acid Concentrate for 7,5 l Clearing bath
  • 25 ml Goldchloride 1% for 1 liter of toner working solution
  •     4 pipettes
  •     1 Hake Brush
  •     8 sheet "Hahnemühle Platinum Rag"  paper 310 grams/m2,
  •     20,3 x 25,4 cm
  •     1 instruction manual
  •     1 toning instructions
  •     1 instructions on how to prepare paper with gelatine


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